Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks

Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Skeletons Drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks passed away February 19, 2017 (Left: Lloyd, Right: Lou Whitney) Photo by Dale Wiley

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morells Live in '84

For Sale: The Morells "Live in '84" 2 CDs
Another treasure from Tom Taber. Live performances released by Almeron Records. Two Morells shows: February 1984 at 1st Avenue in Minneapolis AND October 1984 from Parody Hall in Kansas City. The sound quality on the 1st Avenue show is the best I've ever heard. Taber writes: "The sound quality is INCREDIBLE, and it contains many Anthology songs that were previously only available in less-than-stellar fidelity." Email Tom Taber for purchase details