Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks

Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Skeletons Drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks passed away February 19, 2017 (Left: Lloyd, Right: Lou Whitney) Photo by Dale Wiley

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hey Bo Diddley

From Bobby Lloyd: "The Skeletons backed Bo in the early 90's up in Columbia,MO and after he finished his set, he was standing in the wings wrapping up his guitar cord and the kids were going crazy but he wouldn't go back out...and the promoter kept upping the $$.  "Bo, you gotta go back out and do just one more song! ...for fifty bucks,  ... a hundred, ... a hundred and fifty!!!" I don't know where it ended but he finally  walked out, laid his coat across his amplifier and sat down behind my drums and started playing that famous beat. The guys joined in vamping and I grabbed some maracas and started singing "Hey Bo Diddley" on Donnie's mic. After some verses and sing-a-long choruses and a couple of solos we ended the song, the kids cheered and Bo got up and walked off the stage. Done and done! There's your song, pal. In the photo the amp with his coat is covering up the bass drum. But it's a pretty cool picture of a favorite rock n roll memory.

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Brant Merryman said...

I was there that night right up front. What a fantastic show!