Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks

Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Skeletons Drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks passed away February 19, 2017 (Left: Lloyd, Right: Lou Whitney) Photo by Dale Wiley

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NEW CD for sale: "Always Heed the SYMPTOMS - 'LIVE' in '78"

Your going to pop your belly over this one. Take some of your gas money, and give it to Tom Taber. On the right in this picture is the new single disc "Always Heed the SYMPTOMS - 'LIVE' in '78". A limited issue of 500 copies - 27 cuts lasting 78 minutes, including NO MONEY DOWN, WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER, PENETRATION, GET OUT OF DENVER, and their first performance of Lou's YOU MUST HAVE ME CONFUSED. Email to Tom Taber for purchase details Tom also has many copies of INSTANT HAPPY available, the 4 CD set on the left.


Anonymous said...

i am proud to own all of tom's previous releases: instant happy, the skeletons, the morells

i've made my purchase of this one and can't wait to play it

if it's a tom taber release, it's an automatic buy as far as i am concerned


Glenn Steinkamp said...

I uploaded 3 Morells videos on youtube a few weeks ago:


Morells Reds video-
Morells story/interview on Springfield news-
Lou's TV commercial for Jack Daniels Hard Cola-