Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks

Rest in peace Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Skeletons Drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks passed away February 19, 2017 (Left: Lloyd, Right: Lou Whitney) Photo by Dale Wiley

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just Released & For Sale: Skeletons: Alive in the 90s (22 classics polished up by Tom Taber)

For Sale: The Skeletons "Alive in the Nineties 1990-1995
Lou Whitney - Joe Terry - Bobby Lloyd Hicks - D. Clinton Thompson - Kelly Brown -- Live performance released by Almeron Records.With the band's approval, Tom Taber has dusted off old recordings, many of the tapes by the prolific Glenn Steinkamp, and put them on CD for sale to fans. Now, he's up to 4 separate CDs for sale, including the unearthing of the Skeletons' 1979 Amador show as well as the massive 4 disc Morells extravaganza, 101 Songs about Cars, Girls and Food. All of these releases catch the band(s) energy, wit and virtuosity that you may recall if you ever saw them live. Email Tom Taber for purchase details